Hosting Bemuse songs on Linode Object Storage
Linode Object Storage is a file storage provider.
  • Songs in Bemuse’s Official Music Server is hosted on Linode Object Storage.
This guide assumes that you have prepared your song for online play in Bemuse. Your song folder should contain a bemuse-song.json file at this point.


  • Easy to use.
  • Storage and data transfer allowance is generous.


  • Not free.
  • Requires a desktop application to upload.
  • Has a data transfer limit of 1 TB/month. You will be charged $0.02 for each additional 1GB of data transfer. Beware of bill shock.

Setting up Object Storage

Create a bucket

  • Click Create Bucket.
    • notion image
  • Enter a unique bucket name and click Create Bucket.
    • notion image
  • Click Enable Object Storage to confirm subscription.
    • notion image
  • Now that the bucket is created, note the server hostname (highlighted below).
    • notion image
  • Click on Details and make sure CORS Enabled is selected.
    • notion image

Create access key

  • Go to Access Keys and click Create Access Key.
    • notion image
  • Give me the name and click Create Access Key.
    • notion image
  • Copy the access key and secret key.
    • notion image

Set up Cyberduck

  • Download and install Cyberduck.
  • Open the Preferences window.
    • notion image
  • Go to S3 tab, and set Default ACL to public-read. It is important to set this up, otherwise your uploaded files cannot be accessed.
    • notion image
  • In the main window, click on the Add Bookmark button (bottom left).
    • notion image
  • Select Amazon S3.
    • In Server, enter the Server URL.
    • Enter Access Key ID and Secret Access Key accordingly.
    • notion image
  • Once the bookmark is created you can double click on it to connect.
    • notion image

Upload files and getting Bemuse URL

  • Once connected, upload files to the bucket.
  • Once uploaded, right click on bemuse-song.json and select Copy URL > HTTPS URL.
    • notion image